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Exploring the North Central Unit in Calico Rock, Arkansas

If you’ve ever wondered about the North Central Unit located in Calico Rock, Arkansas, you’re in the right place. This medium to minimum security facility has a lot more to offer than meets the eye. In this comprehensive article, we’ll delve into the details of this facility, its programs, and visiting hours. So, let’s take a closer look.

Understanding North Central Unit

What is North Central Unit?

The North Central Unit is a correctional facility situated in the scenic town of Calico Rock, Arkansas. It serves as a home for up to 800 inmates, making it a vital part of the state’s correctional system.

Security Levels

The facility primarily accommodates inmates with medium to minimum security classifications. This means that it houses individuals who have committed a range of offenses, and its security measures are designed to match this diverse inmate population.

Educational Opportunities

Inmate Education Programs

One of the essential aspects of the North Central Unit is its commitment to inmate rehabilitation and self-improvement. Inmates here have access to various educational programs, including basic adult education. These programs help inmates enhance their literacy and numeracy skills, paving the way for a better future upon their release.

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GED Programs

For those looking to earn a high school equivalency diploma (GED), the North Central Unit offers GED programs. These programs provide inmates with a chance to obtain a valuable qualification that can significantly improve their prospects post-incarceration.

Preparing for Release

Pre-release Program

Getting ready for life outside of prison can be challenging. However, the North Central Unit aims to make this transition smoother for its inmates. The pre-release program equips individuals with essential life skills and knowledge to increase their chances of successful reintegration into society.

Paws in Prison Program

In an effort to promote rehabilitation and provide inmates with new skills, the North Central Unit participates in the Paws in Prison program. This initiative allows inmates to work with animals, fostering a sense of responsibility and empathy.

Gardening Program

In addition to working with animals, the North Central Unit also offers a gardening program. Inmates can learn the basics of growing and cultivating plants, gaining valuable skills and knowledge in horticulture.

Visiting the North Central Unit

Visiting Hours

If you wish to visit an inmate at the North Central Unit, it’s important to note the visiting hours. Visitation is available on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm. However, due to the facility’s rotating schedule, inmates are not eligible for visitation every weekend.

Scheduling Visits

To ensure you can visit an inmate, it’s crucial to contact them in advance. Inmates at the North Central Unit have assigned visitation days, which may vary. Contact the inmate via mail or phone to inquire about their specific visitation schedule.

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Contact Information

Here’s the contact information for the North Central Unit:

  • Physical Address:
    North Central Unit
    10 Prison Circle
    Calico Rock, AR 72519
  • Telephone:
    (870) 297-4311
  • Inmate Mailing Address:
    Name, ADC #
    North Central Unit
    10 Prison Circle
    Calico Rock, AR 72519


The North Central Unit in Calico Rock, Arkansas, is not just a correctional facility; it’s a place that strives to provide inmates with opportunities for growth, education, and rehabilitation. Through various programs and a commitment to preparing inmates for their release, the North Central Unit plays a vital role in the criminal justice system.

If you’re interested in learning more about the North Central Unit or need to contact an inmate, use the provided information above.


Can anyone visit an inmate at the North Central Unit?

Visitation is typically limited to family members and approved visitors. It’s essential to check with the facility’s guidelines for specific visitation eligibility.

What types of animals are involved in the Paws in Prison program?

The Paws in Prison program at North Central Unit may involve various animals, including dogs. The specific animals may vary.

How can I send mail to an inmate at the North Central Unit?

To send mail to an inmate, include their name and ADC # in the address, as provided in the article.

Are there restrictions on items I can bring during visitation?

Yes, there are typically restrictions on items you can bring during visitation. It’s advisable to check with the facility for a list of permitted and prohibited items.

What are the goals of the pre-release program at the North Central Unit?

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The pre-release program aims to equip inmates with essential life skills, job readiness, and resources to facilitate their successful reintegration into society after their release.

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