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Northern Regional Jail, Moundsville

Introduction to Northern Regional Jail, Moundsville

Nestled in the heart of Moundsville, West Virginia, the Northern Regional Jail stands as a prominent part of the local community. Serving as a vital part of the law enforcement infrastructure, the jail has a rich history and a significant role in shaping the region’s social and economic landscape.

History of the Jail


The Northern Regional Jail first opened its doors in August 1994, becoming a beacon of justice and law enforcement in the Northern Panhandle region of West Virginia.

Significant Events

Over the years, it has witnessed numerous significant events, from high-profile trials to extensive reforms in the correctional system, contributing to its storied past.

Structure and Design of the Jail


Designed with modern correctional principles in mind, the jail boasts a sturdy structure designed to ensure safety and security.


With a capacity to house hundreds of inmates, the Northern Regional Jail is one of the most extensive facilities in the region.

Living Conditions and Facilities

Inmate Services

The jail provides essential services to inmates including medical care, mental health services, and educational programs.

Programs and Activities

In addition to basic amenities, the jail also offers rehabilitation programs and recreational activities aimed at helping inmates reintegrate into society.

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Operational Procedures

Visitation Rules

Visitation at the jail follows a strict protocol to ensure the safety of all parties involved.

Inmate Rules and Regulations

Inmates are subject to a clear set of rules and regulations designed to maintain order and discipline within the facility.

Staff and Management

Roles and Responsibilities

The jail’s operations are overseen by a dedicated staff, from the jail’s warden to the correctional officers and support staff who maintain the facility’s daily operations.

Challenges and Achievements

Despite challenges, the staff has achieved notable milestones in maintaining safety and promoting rehabilitation.

Impact on Moundsville Community

Economic Influence

The Northern Regional Jail plays a significant economic role in Moundsville, providing jobs and contributing to local business.

Community Involvement

The jail also maintains strong ties with the community, involving local agencies in rehabilitation programs.


The Northern Regional Jail in Moundsville, West Virginia, is more than just a correctional facility. It serves as a linchpin in the community, contributing economically and socially while promoting rehabilitation and reintegration for its inmates.


Q1: What is the capacity of Northern Regional Jail, Moundsville?

A1: Northern Regional Jail can house hundreds of inmates, making it one of the largest correctional facilities in the region.

Q2: What services does the jail provide to inmates?

A2: The jail provides a range of services including medical care, mental health services, and educational programs. There are also rehabilitation and recreational activities available.

Q3: What are the visitation rules at Northern Regional Jail?

A3: Visitation at the jail follows a strict protocol to ensure the safety and security of visitors, staff, and inmates. The specific rules can vary and it is recommended to check the jail’s official website or contact them directly for the most accurate information.

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Q4: What role does Northern Regional Jail play in the Moundsville community?

A4: The Northern Regional Jail is an important part of the Moundsville community. It provides jobs, supports local businesses, and works with local agencies on rehabilitation programs.

Q5: What are some of the challenges faced by the staff at Northern Regional Jail?

A5: Like any correctional facility, Northern Regional Jail faces challenges such as maintaining safety and order, dealing with overcrowding, and effectively promoting rehabilitation. Despite these challenges, the staff has achieved notable milestones in these areas.

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