northern state correctional facility

Northern State Correctional Facility

The Northern State Correctional Facility, located in a quiet corner of the United States, is a notable institution with its own set of triumphs and trials. Despite its challenging role in the criminal justice system, it has consistently endeavored to fulfill its mandate. Let’s dive into the historical backdrop and daily operations of this facility, shall we?

Connecting with Loved Ones: Visitation at NSCF

Family Bonds

Maintaining connections with family and friends is vital for inmates’ emotional well-being and successful reintegration. The visitation schedule at Northern State Correctional Facility is structured according to the first letter of the inmate’s last name, ensuring regular opportunities for inmates to see their loved ones.

  • Inmates A-D have visits on Saturdays from 9 am to 11 am.
  • Inmates E-L have visitation on Saturdays from 1 pm to 3 pm.
  • Inmates M-R have visiting on Sundays from 9 am to 11 am.
  • Inmates S-Z have visitation on Sundays from 1 pm to 3 pm.

Getting in Touch

For those who need to reach out to Northern State Correctional Facility, here are the essential contact details:

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Physical Address: Northern State Correctional Facility 2559 Glen Road Newport, VT 05855

Telephone: (802)-334-3364

Inmate Mailing Address: Inmate Name, ID Number Northern State Correctional Facility 2559 Glen Road Newport, VT 05855

History of the Northern State Correctional Facility

Establishment and Early Years

Established in the late 20th century, the Northern State Correctional Facility was conceived as an institution designed to reform criminals. It was set up with a clear goal in mind – to deter crime, reform those convicted, and ultimately safeguard the wider community.

Significant Developments over the Years

Over the years, the facility has undergone multiple transformations. With changes in society’s attitude toward punishment and rehabilitation, it has incorporated numerous programs focused on restorative justice and skill-building.

The Facility Structure and Administration

The Layout of the Facility

Structurally, the facility is comprehensive with various sections such as administration blocks, cell units, recreational areas, and education centers. Its layout is designed for efficiency and security.

Administrative Body and its Functions

The facility’s administration comprises dedicated professionals ensuring the smooth functioning of daily operations. It is responsible for maintaining discipline, offering rehabilitation programs, and providing necessary services to inmates.

Programs and Services

Educational Opportunities

A key part of the facility’s reformative approach includes providing inmates with educational opportunities. This comprises basic and higher education, along with vocational training programs.

Rehabilitation and Reintegration Programs

Additionally, the facility offers a variety of rehabilitation programs, from substance abuse treatment to anger management courses. The goal is to equip inmates with the necessary tools to reintegrate into society upon their release.

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Living Conditions and Inmate Life

Accommodation and Food Services

The facility provides accommodation in line with standard correctional guidelines. Inmates receive meals thrice a day, prepared under hygienic conditions and ensuring nutritional requirements are met.

Inmate Rights and Responsibilities

Inmates at the facility have certain rights, including access to healthcare and the right to practice religion. Simultaneously, they have responsibilities to maintain discipline and comply with the facility’s regulations.

Daily Life and Routine

Daily life within the facility is structured around a routine. This includes work duties, recreational activities, and educational programs, all designed to promote discipline and personal development.

Visitation and Communication with Inmates

One aspect crucial to inmate rehabilitation is maintaining ties with the outside world. The facility has set guidelines for visitations and correspondence to facilitate this communication while ensuring security measures are not compromised.

Criticism and Controversies

Like any correctional institution, the Northern State Correctional Facility has had its share of criticism and controversies, including allegations of inadequate healthcare and overcrowding. These issues are, unfortunately, not unique to this facility but indicative of broader systemic issues within the correctional system.


The Northern State Correctional Facility, while imperfect, plays a pivotal role in the broader criminal justice system. By aiming to strike a balance between punishment and rehabilitation, it carries out its responsibility towards society.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What educational opportunities are provided at the Northern State Correctional Facility? The facility provides inmates with basic and higher education opportunities, along with vocational training programs.
  2. What rehabilitation programs are offered at the facility? The rehabilitation programs at the facility include substance abuse treatment, anger management courses, and various reintegration programs.
  3. How does the facility ensure inmates’ rights are upheld? The facility has a set of policies to ensure inmates’ rights are upheld, including access to healthcare, legal counsel, and religious practices.
  4. What criticisms has the Northern State Correctional Facility faced? Criticism towards the facility has included issues like overcrowding and inadequate healthcare services.
  5. How does the facility facilitate communication between inmates and the outside world? The facility has set guidelines for visitations and correspondence to facilitate communication while ensuring security measures are not compromised.
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