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Orange Correctional Center

Orange Correctional Center, situated in Hillsborough, North Carolina, is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to the rehabilitation and reintegration of adult male offenders. As a leading minimum security prison, it prioritizes providing a safe environment while offering various programs and job assignments to support the inmates’ personal growth and development. In this article, we will delve into the features and opportunities available at the Orange Correctional Center, from housing arrangements to job assignments, as well as visiting hours and contact information.

Housing and Security

At Orange Correctional Center, the well-being and security of the inmates are paramount. The facility accommodates up to 200 adult male offenders in spacious and open dormitories, ensuring a comfortable and secure living environment. By fostering a minimum security atmosphere, the center encourages inmates to focus on their personal growth and rehabilitation journey.

Rehabilitation Programs

The Orange Correctional Center understands the importance of comprehensive rehabilitation for successful reintegration into society. To this end, the center offers a range of programs tailored to address the diverse needs of the inmates.

1. Job Assignments

Inmates at Orange Correctional Center have the opportunity to participate in various job assignments, both within and outside the facility. By engaging in productive work, offenders develop valuable skills and work ethic that can contribute to their successful reentry into society. These job assignments include:

  • Landscaping: Inmates contribute to maintaining the center’s beautiful surroundings through landscaping duties, cultivating a sense of pride and responsibility.
  • Laundry: By taking part in the laundry services, inmates learn essential skills in cleanliness and organization while providing a vital service to the facility.
  • Custodial and Building Maintenance: Inmates responsible for custodial and building maintenance tasks ensure a clean, safe, and well-maintained environment for everyone at the center.
  • Kitchen Duty: Involvement in the kitchen allows inmates to gain culinary skills and contribute to the preparation of meals, fostering a sense of responsibility and teamwork.
  • Library Services: Inmates have the opportunity to work in the library, assisting with organizing books and providing access to educational resources for personal growth.
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Furthermore, eligible inmates may qualify for the work release program, which enables them to work outside the facility in the surrounding community during the day. This program facilitates a smoother transition back into society by allowing offenders to reintegrate gradually while maintaining employment and accountability.

2. Supportive Services

The Orange Correctional Center recognizes the significance of addressing underlying issues that contribute to criminal behavior. Inmates have access to various supportive services, including:

  • Religious Activities: The Chaplains office facilitates religious activities and provides spiritual guidance to those seeking solace and personal growth.
  • Substance Abuse Treatment: The center offers comprehensive substance abuse treatment programs to assist inmates in overcoming addiction and promoting a drug-free future.
  • Transition Program: The transition program equips inmates with the necessary skills and resources to prepare for their upcoming release, ensuring a smoother reintegration process.

Visiting Hours and Contact Information

Maintaining connections with loved ones is crucial for an inmate’s emotional well-being and successful reintegration into society. The Orange Correctional Center has structured visiting hours and readily available contact information to facilitate communication between inmates and their families or friends.

Visiting Hours

Visits at the Orange Correctional Center are held on Sundays, providing two sessions to accommodate visitors:

  • Morning Session: 9:00 am – 11:00 am
  • Afternoon Session: 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

The session assigned to your inmate depends on the first letter of their last name. To ensure you are aware of the current rotation and session eligibility, kindly contact the facility directly.

Contact Information

To reach the Orange Correctional Center or send mail to an inmate, please use the following information:

Physical Address: Orange Correctional Center 2110 Clarence Walters Road Hillsborough, NC 27278

Telephone: (919)-732-9301

Inmate Mailing Address: Inmate Name, ID Number Orange Correctional Center PO Box 1149 Hillsborough, NC 27278

Understanding Orange Correctional Center

Orange Correctional Center, located in the heart of Orange County, is a state-of-the-art correctional facility dedicated to the incarceration, rehabilitation, and reintegration of convicted individuals. As a cornerstone of the criminal justice system, this center ensures public safety while also striving to reform and positively impact the lives of inmates.

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History of Orange Correctional Center

The establishment of Orange Correctional Center dates back several decades. Originally founded in 1950, the center has undergone significant changes and improvements over the years. Its rich history is marked by milestones such as facility expansions, upgraded security measures, and advancements in inmate rehabilitation programs.

Facilities and Infrastructure

Orange Correctional Center boasts modern and well-maintained facilities designed to cater to the specific needs of incarcerated individuals. The center encompasses various sections and units, including general population housing, special housing units, and administrative areas. Stringent security measures ensure the safety of both staff and inmates.

Inmate Programs and Services

Recognizing the importance of inmate rehabilitation, Orange Correctional Center offers a wide range of programs and services aimed at fostering personal growth and skill development. Inmates have access to educational courses, vocational training, substance abuse counseling, and mental health services. These initiatives equip individuals with the necessary tools to reintegrate into society successfully.

Staff and Administration

The dedicated staff at Orange Correctional Center plays a pivotal role in maintaining a secure and rehabilitative environment. Highly trained correctional officers, educators, counselors, and healthcare professionals work collaboratively to ensure the safety and well-being of both staff and inmates. Effective administration and communication are essential in running the center smoothly.

Reintegration and Community Engagement

Orange Correctional Center places a strong emphasis on inmate reintegration and community engagement. Through partnerships with local organizations and businesses, the center provides opportunities for inmates to gain real-world skills and experience. Community outreach programs foster a sense of responsibility and encourage inmates to become productive members of society upon release, reducing recidivism rates.

Challenges and Solutions

Like any correctional facility, Orange Correctional Center faces its fair share of challenges. Overcrowding, limited resources, and staff shortages can pose significant obstacles. However, the center actively seeks solutions by implementing innovative strategies, collaborating with community stakeholders, and advocating for increased support from relevant authorities.

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Success Stories and Case Studies

One of the most inspiring aspects of Orange Correctional Center is the success stories that emerge from within its walls. Former inmates who have benefited from the center’s programs and services often go on to lead fulfilling lives, breaking the cycle of crime. Case studies showcasing individual transformations stand as testaments to the positive impact that rehabilitation can have.

Criticism and Controversies

It is important to acknowledge that Orange Correctional Center, like any institution, may face criticism or be embroiled in controversies. Concerns may arise regarding the effectiveness of certain programs, conditions within the facility, or the overall approach to incarceration and rehabilitation. By objectively considering these viewpoints, stakeholders can work toward continuous improvement.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, Orange Correctional Center is committed to further enhancing its operations and expanding its impact. Plans are underway to introduce additional specialized programs, improve inmate healthcare services, and invest in technological advancements that promote security and efficiency. The center aims to remain at the forefront of progressive correctional practices.


Orange Correctional Center serves as a vital pillar in the criminal justice system, striking a balance between punishment and rehabilitation. By providing a conducive environment for personal growth and development, the center contributes to reducing recidivism rates and fostering safer communities. Understanding the inner workings of Orange Correctional Center enables us to appreciate the transformative power of rehabilitation and the potential for positive change in the lives of incarcerated individuals.


  1. Can inmates at Orange Correctional Center continue their education while incarcerated?Yes, Orange Correctional Center offers a variety of educational programs, including high school equivalency courses and vocational training opportunities.
  2. Are inmates at Orange Correctional Center provided with mental health services?Absolutely. The center recognizes the importance of mental health and provides counseling and treatment options for inmates in need.
  3. Does Orange Correctional Center have programs to assist inmates with reintegration into society upon release?Yes, Orange Correctional Center offers comprehensive reentry programs that help inmates acquire job skills, connect with support networks, and find stable housing post-release.
  4. What measures are in place to ensure the safety of staff and inmates at Orange Correctional Center?Orange Correctional Center maintains strict security protocols, including regular staff training, surveillance systems, and controlled access to different areas of the facility.
  5. How does Orange Correctional Center collaborate with the local community?Orange Correctional Center actively engages with the community through partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and volunteers, providing opportunities for inmate rehabilitation and community integration.

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