Parkersburg Correctional Center And Wood County Holding Center, Parkersburg

Parkersburg Correctional Center and Wood County Holding Center, Parkersburg

The Parkersburg Correctional Center is a state-of-the-art minimum security prison that commenced operations in 2012. This correctional facility, previously known as the Holiday Inn hotel, underwent a remarkable transformation to become a top-notch institution for housing approximately 130 male inmates in minimum custody. To ensure the safety and security of the facility, all offenders undergo a thorough screening process and are subject to a comprehensive risk assessment.

Screening and Risk Assessment Process

Every individual admitted to the Parkersburg Correctional Center must meet specific criteria. Offenders who are eligible for the work release program must be deemed low risk and within 18 months of their parole eligibility date or discharge. Moreover, inmates assigned to the Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Unit (RSAT) must be within 24 months of their discharge or parole eligibility date.

Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Unit (RSAT)

At the heart of the Parkersburg Correctional Center’s commitment to rehabilitation lies the Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Unit, commonly known as RSAT. This specialized unit utilizes a therapeutic community model to address the needs of inmates struggling with alcohol and chemical dependency. The RSAT program provides a comprehensive approach to treatment and support, equipping inmates with the necessary tools to overcome addiction.

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Once an offender successfully completes the RSAT program, they are transitioned into the work release program. This transition ensures a seamless reintegration into society by allowing the inmate to secure employment within the surrounding community. During the day, the inmate reports to their job and returns to the prison at the end of their shift. This arrangement empowers the offender to earn money, which can be utilized to pay outstanding fines, restitution, and child support obligations.

Work Release Program and Inmate Support

The work release program offered by the Parkersburg Correctional Center plays a pivotal role in facilitating the successful reentry of inmates into society. By granting them the opportunity to work outside the facility, it fosters a sense of responsibility, self-sufficiency, and accountability. Additionally, it enables them to actively contribute to their financial obligations.

As part of the work release program, a small percentage of the inmate’s income is set aside to assist in offsetting the costs incurred during their incarceration. This system ensures that the offenders bear some financial responsibility while still allowing them to make progress towards their reintegration goals.

Visiting Hours and Contact Information

For individuals seeking information regarding visitation hours at the Parkersburg Correctional Center, it is recommended to directly contact the facility for the most up-to-date details. Unfortunately, the current visiting hours are unknown. If you possess any knowledge regarding the visiting hours, we kindly request you to share it with us by leaving a comment below.

Contact Details:

  • Physical Address: Parkersburg Correctional Center 225 Holiday Hills Drive Parkersburg, WV 26104
  • Telephone: (304)-420-2443
  • Inmate Mailing Address: Inmate Name, ID Number Parkersburg Correctional Center 225 Holiday Hills Drive Parkersburg, WV 26104
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History and Background of the Centers

Founding of the Centers

Founded in the late 20th century, both facilities play a crucial role in West Virginia’s correctional system.

Early Years

In the early years, they faced challenges common to such facilities, like overcrowding and underfunding. But they’ve come a long way since then.

Structure and Facilities

Parkersburg Correctional Center

This medium-security prison houses adult male offenders, boasting facilities that ensure inmates’ safety and rehabilitation.

Cells and Common Areas

The center features cells designed for comfort and safety, common areas for recreation and dining, and a well-equipped medical facility.

Security Measures

Equipped with advanced security systems, the center ensures a safe environment for both inmates and staff.

Programs and Services

Educational Programs

Education is key for rehabilitation, right? The center offers a variety of programs, including GED prep and post-secondary education.

Vocational Training

Job training is a key focus, offering courses in fields like carpentry and culinary arts.

Life Skills

Life skills programs are equally important, teaching things like financial literacy and conflict resolution.

Wood County Holding Center

This facility serves as a temporary holding and processing center, playing a pivotal role in Wood County’s justice system.

Structure and Facilities

Designed for short-term stays, the holding center features basic amenities to ensure detainee safety and comfort.

Staff and Management

Training and Responsibilities

A well-trained staff is the backbone of any correctional facility. Both centers focus on professional development, ensuring staff are prepared for any situation.

Volunteer Opportunities

Have you ever thought about making a difference? The volunteer programs at these centers provide opportunities to teach, mentor, and provide support to inmates, fostering a sense of community and goodwill.

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Future Plans and Development

Ever evolving, both the Parkersburg Correctional Center and Wood County Holding Center continually work towards enhancing their facilities and programs. Future developments include plans for facility upgrades, new educational programs, and expanded community outreach.


In conclusion, the Parkersburg Correctional Center and Wood County Holding Center are more than just correctional facilities. They are institutions committed to rehabilitation, education, and community engagement. Through their comprehensive programs and services, they strive to provide a safe, productive environment for inmates, and play a vital role in Parkersburg’s community.


  1. What is the difference between the Parkersburg Correctional Center and the Wood County Holding Center? The Parkersburg Correctional Center is a medium-security prison for adult male offenders, while the Wood County Holding Center is a short-term holding and processing center.
  2. What kind of programs do the centers offer? The centers offer a variety of educational and vocational programs, such as GED preparation, post-secondary education, and job training in fields like carpentry and culinary arts.
  3. Are there opportunities for community involvement? Yes, both centers offer volunteer opportunities for those who wish to get involved, providing a chance to teach, mentor, and support inmates.
  4. What are the future plans for the centers? Future plans include facility upgrades, new educational programs, and expanded community outreach.
  5. How do the centers ensure the safety of inmates and staff? Both centers are equipped with advanced security systems and prioritize the professional development of their staff to ensure a safe environment for everyone.

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