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Exploring Pine Bluff Unit: A Glimpse into an Arkansas Correctional Facility

In the heart of Jefferson County, Arkansas, Pine Bluff Unit stands as a prominent correctional facility, offering unique programs and services to its inmate population. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the intriguing world of Pine Bluff Unit, shedding light on its location, inmate programs, work release opportunities, visiting hours, and essential contact information.

A Home in Jefferson County

Located in Jefferson County, Arkansas, Pine Bluff Unit serves as a significant institution within the state’s correctional system. This facility, with a capacity to house approximately 430 inmates, caters to medium to minimum security offenders. It plays a crucial role in the rehabilitation and reintegration of individuals into society.

Work Release Program: A Chance at Redemption

One unique aspect of Pine Bluff Unit is its work release program, offering selected inmates an opportunity to work in the surrounding community. In this program, inmates take on regular jobs, allowing them to contribute positively to society while still serving their sentences. At the end of their workday, these individuals return to the institution, fostering a sense of responsibility and accountability.

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To qualify for the work release program, an inmate must meet specific criteria, ensuring that only those who have demonstrated good behavior and commitment to rehabilitation are eligible for this privilege.

Employment Opportunities Within the Facility

Inside Pine Bluff Unit, inmates can engage in various employment opportunities that not only contribute to the institution’s daily operations but also offer valuable skills and experiences. Some of these jobs include:

  • Maintaining Facility Grounds: Inmates involved in this role take charge of keeping the facility’s surroundings in pristine condition.
  • Warehouse Work: The facility operates a warehouse where inmates are employed to manage and organize materials efficiently.
  • Clothing/Garment Production: Pine Bluff Unit provides opportunities for inmates to work in clothing and garment production, equipping them with marketable skills.
  • Working with Horses: An interesting facet of the facility is the chance for inmates to work with horses, fostering a unique bond and developing valuable animal care skills.

Programs for Rehabilitation and Growth

Pine Bluff Unit understands the importance of rehabilitation, offering a range of programs aimed at addressing various aspects of an inmate’s life:

  • Mental Health: Recognizing the significance of mental health, the facility provides programs and counseling to support inmates dealing with mental health issues.
  • Education: Inmates have access to educational programs, allowing them to improve their knowledge and skills, increasing their chances of successful reintegration into society.
  • Substance Abuse: For those battling substance abuse, Pine Bluff Unit offers support and treatment programs to aid in recovery.

Visiting Pine Bluff Unit

For family and friends wanting to visit their loved ones at Pine Bluff Unit, here are some essential details:

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Visiting Hours

Visiting hours at Pine Bluff Unit are scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm to 4pm. To maximize your visiting time, it is advisable to arrive up to 30 minutes early, as many visitors tend to arrive ahead of time. Inmates alternate weekends for visitation, so contacting the facility to confirm visiting days is recommended.

Location and Contact Information

Pine Bluff Unit is located at:

890 Free Line Dr. Pine Bluff, AR 71603-1498

For inquiries and general information, you can reach out to Pine Bluff Unit at:

Telephone: (870) 267-6510

When sending mail to inmates at Pine Bluff Unit, ensure you use the following format:

Name, ADC # Pine Bluff Unit 890 Free Line Dr. Pine Bluff, AR 71603-1498


Pine Bluff Unit in Jefferson County, Arkansas, stands as a beacon of hope for inmates striving for rehabilitation and reintegration into society. With its unique work release program, diverse employment opportunities, and comprehensive rehabilitation programs, the facility prioritizes the well-being and growth of its inmate population.

For families and friends looking to connect with their loved ones at Pine Bluff Unit, the visiting hours and contact information provided here will serve as valuable resources in fostering those important connections.


1. Can anyone visit an inmate at Pine Bluff Unit?

Yes, family and friends can visit inmates at Pine Bluff Unit during the scheduled visiting hours on Saturdays and Sundays.

2. How can I find out which weekends an inmate is allowed to receive visitors?

To determine an inmate’s visiting schedule, it’s advisable to contact Pine Bluff Unit directly.

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3. What kind of employment opportunities are available for inmates at Pine Bluff Unit?

Inmates at Pine Bluff Unit can engage in various jobs, including maintaining facility grounds, warehouse work, clothing/garment production, and even working with horses.

4. Is the work release program open to all inmates?

No, the work release program has specific criteria, and only eligible inmates who meet these criteria are allowed to participate.

5. Are there educational programs for inmates at Pine Bluff Unit?

Yes, Pine Bluff Unit offers educational programs to inmates, providing opportunities to improve their knowledge and skills.

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