prison guard guilty of possessing white supremacist terror manual

rison guard guilty of possessing white supremacist terror manual

In a recent trial, Ashley Podsiad-Sharp, a former prison guard who established a fitness club catering to neo-Nazis, has been convicted of possessing a white supremacist “terrorist manual.” This significant development sheds light on the concerning presence of extremist ideologies within society. Podsiad-Sharp, 42, faced charges related to the possession and dissemination of terrorist material. While the jury is still deliberating on one charge, the verdict on the possession charge has been reached. This article delves into the details of the case, highlighting the defendant’s background, the nature of the document, and the implications of such activities on social cohesion.

1. The Founder of White Stag Athletic Club

Ashley Podsiad-Sharp, a former officer at HMP Leeds, stands accused of possessing a document with potential applications in acts of terrorism. The defendant, hailing from the Barnsley area, claimed to be a “national socialist” and the founder of the White Stag Athletic Club. According to Podsiad-Sharp, the club was created to offer a sense of belonging to isolated individuals who shared his extremist right-wing beliefs. However, the recent trial has exposed the club’s involvement in disseminating racist propaganda and extremist content.

2. The Allegations and Denials

During the trial, Ashley Podsiad-Sharp vehemently denied possessing a document known as the White Resistance Manual. This manual reportedly contained detailed instructions on utilizing various weapons to inflict harm on individuals. In an attempt to distance himself from the incriminating evidence, Podsiad-Sharp maintained that he had no knowledge of how the document ended up on his laptop, which he claimed was stored in an encrypted “virtual safe.” However, the jury unanimously convicted him on the possession charge after deliberating for over 10 hours.

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3. The Verdict and Pending Charge

Although found guilty on the possession charge, the verdict on the second charge of disseminating terrorist material is still pending. The trial witnessed Podsiad-Sharp’s involvement in the dissemination of racist parody rap songs through the White Stag Athletic Club’s Telegram channel. Shockingly, some of these songs glorified the Holocaust, perpetuating hate and promoting a toxic ideology. The jury, unable to reach a unanimous decision on this charge, has sought permission to deliver a majority verdict.

4. The Significance of the Case

The conviction of Ashley Podsiad-Sharp serves as a stark reminder of the persistent presence of extremist ideologies within our society. The establishment of a fitness club specifically targeting neo-Nazis highlights the need for constant vigilance against hate and intolerance. It is crucial to recognize the potential dangers posed by individuals who exploit online platforms to spread racist and extremist content. This case underscores the importance of countering such ideologies and promoting inclusivity, tolerance, and understanding.


Ashley Podsiad-Sharp, a former prison guard and founder of the White Stag Athletic Club, has been found guilty of possessing a white supremacist “terrorist manual.” The trial shed light on his involvement in disseminating racist propaganda through the club’s Telegram channel. While the verdict on the second charge is still pending, this case serves as a sobering reminder of the persistent presence of extremist ideologies in our society. It calls for continued efforts to combat hate, promote inclusivity, and safeguard social cohesion.

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