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Exploring Redgranite Correctional Institution: A Glimpse into Wisconsin’s Medium-Security Facility

In the heart of Waushara County, Wisconsin, lies the Redgranite Correctional Institution, a medium-security facility that plays a pivotal role in the state’s corrections system. This comprehensive guide will take you on a journey through this institution, offering insights into its security measures, educational programs, work opportunities, and much more. Join us as we delve into the world of Redgranite Correctional Institution.

Securing Lives Behind Razor Ribbons

A Closer Look at Redgranite’s Security

Redgranite Correctional Institution stands as a formidable structure designed to house approximately 1,030 male inmates. Security is paramount, and it’s evident in the institution’s features:

  1. Razor Ribbon Fences: Two layers of razor ribbon security fences act as the primary physical barrier, equipped with shock/knock-down electrical technology.
  2. Elevated Guard Post: An elevated armed guard post ensures continuous vigilance over the facility.
  3. Perimeter Patrol: Two armed perimeter patrol vehicles keep watch, ready to respond to any security breaches.
  4. Electronic Detection Systems: The institution employs state-of-the-art electronic detection systems, further fortifying its security.
  5. Surveillance: A network of security cameras monitors every corner of the facility, leaving no blind spots.

Knowledge and Skills: Education Inside Redgranite

Empowering Inmates Through Education

Inmates at Redgranite Correctional Institution are provided with opportunities for personal growth and development:

  1. Adult Basic Education: Inmates can pursue adult basic education, helping them improve their literacy skills.
  2. GED Testing: Preparing for a brighter future, inmates can take GED tests to earn their high school equivalency.
  3. Correspondence Courses: Additional educational correspondence courses broaden the horizons of those incarcerated.
  4. Technical and Certificate Training: Redgranite offers training in practical skills such as baking, Microsoft Office, and computer literacy.
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Work for a Second Chance

Badger State Industries Program

  1. Electronics Recycling: Inmates have the opportunity to work in an electronics recycling operation, contributing to sustainable practices.
  2. Wheelchair Recycling: Another facet of the program involves recycling wheelchairs, aiding those with mobility challenges.
  3. Maintenance Skills: Inmates can learn valuable maintenance skills by working in the facility’s maintenance department.
  4. Green Thumb: A vegetable garden within the facility not only provides fresh produce but also imparts agricultural knowledge.

Programs for Inmate Rehabilitation

Holistic Approach to Inmate Well-Being

Redgranite Correctional Institution offers a wide range of programs aimed at inmate rehabilitation and personal development:

  1. Substance Abuse Treatment: Addressing addiction issues with specialized treatment.
  2. Sex Offender Treatment: Rehabilitation programs designed to address and prevent further offenses.
  3. Mental Health Services: Providing crucial mental health support to inmates.
  4. Re-Entry Services: Assisting inmates in their transition back into society.
  5. Domestic Violence Programs: Offering support and counseling for those dealing with domestic violence issues.
  6. Grief Recovery Groups: Helping inmates cope with loss and grief.
  7. Anger Management: Teaching valuable anger management techniques.
  8. Thinking for a Change: Cognitive intervention programs to promote positive behavioral change.
  9. Parenting Classes: Equipping inmates with parenting skills for a better future.

Connecting with Loved Ones

Visiting Hours and Contact Information

For families and friends of inmates, staying connected is essential:

  1. Visiting Hours: Inmates at Redgranite Correctional Institution are allowed three visits per week, with one on the weekend. The visiting week starts on a Monday and ends on Sunday. Visitors can arrive up to ten minutes before the start of the visitation period.
  2. Visiting Schedule: Monday to Friday from 2:15 pm to 8:45 pm, and Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays from 8 am to 3:30 pm.
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Contact Information

For inquiries or correspondence, here are the essential details:

  • Physical Address: Redgranite Correctional Institution, 1006 County Road EE, Redgranite, WI 54970.
  • Telephone: (920)-566-2600.
  • Inmate Mailing Address: Inmate Name, DOC Number, Redgranite Correctional Institution, P.O. Box 925, Redgranite, WI 54970-0925.
  • Sending Money: When sending a money order to an inmate, use the following address: Redgranite Correctional Institution, Inmate Name, DOC Number, P.O. Box 1000, Redgranite, WI 54970-1000.


Redgranite Correctional Institution is not just a place of confinement; it’s a center for transformation, rehabilitation, and growth. Through its commitment to security, education, work opportunities, and rehabilitation programs, it strives to empower inmates and provide them with the tools they need for a better future.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can inmates at Redgranite Correctional Institution receive visitors from out of state?
    • Yes, out-of-state visitors are welcome, but they should check the institution’s guidelines for specific requirements.
  2. Are there any restrictions on the items visitors can bring during visits?
    • Yes, there are restrictions on items allowed during visits. Refer to the institution’s visitor’s guide for a detailed list.
  3. What is the average duration of the programs offered for inmate rehabilitation?
    • The duration of rehabilitation programs varies, but they are designed to address specific needs and goals.
  4. How does the Badger State Industries Program benefit inmates and the community?
    • The program provides valuable job skills to inmates, increasing their chances of successful reintegration into society.
  5. Can inmates at Redgranite Correctional Institution receive mail from outside the facility?
    • Yes, inmates can receive mail from friends and family members, provided it adheres to the institution’s guidelines and regulations.
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