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Riverside Youth Correctional Facility: A Glimpse into Rehabilitation for Juvenile Offenders

In the heart of Boulder, Montana, stands the Riverside Youth Correctional Facility, a beacon of hope and transformation for over twenty youthful females aged 10 to 17 who have found themselves on the wrong side of the law. This juvenile detention facility, nestled amid the picturesque Montana landscape, is more than just a place of confinement; it’s a place where young lives are reshaped, offering a unique blend of substance abuse treatment, education, and personal growth.

A Ray of Hope in Boulder

Understanding Riverside Youth Correctional Facility

The Riverside Youth Correctional Facility is a state-run institution dedicated to the rehabilitation of juvenile offenders. It is a place where troubled youth are given a second chance, an opportunity to turn their lives around, and a safe environment where they can address their past mistakes.

Comprehensive Substance Abuse Treatment

One of the core pillars of rehabilitation at Riverside is substance abuse treatment. Many of the inmates struggle with addiction issues, and the facility provides a structured program to help them overcome these challenges. Through counseling, therapy, and support, young offenders learn to break free from the shackles of substance abuse.

Academic Excellence Behind Bars

Education plays a pivotal role in the transformation process at Riverside. Inmates are required to attend eight hours of schooling every weekday, year-round. This commitment to education allows offenders to pursue a diploma while incarcerated, providing them with valuable skills for a brighter future.

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Nurturing Critical Thinking and Responsibility

Fostering Critical Thinking Skills

Riverside Youth Correctional Facility goes beyond the conventional notions of incarceration. It places a strong emphasis on developing critical thinking skills among its young residents. Inmates engage in activities and discussions that challenge their perspectives, encouraging them to think critically and make informed decisions.

Taking Responsibility for One’s Actions

Central to the rehabilitation process is the idea of personal responsibility. Inmates are encouraged to confront the consequences of their actions and take ownership of their mistakes. This transformative approach helps them understand the impact of their choices on their lives and the lives of others.

Visiting Hours and Contact Information

For families and loved ones seeking to connect with inmates at Riverside, it’s essential to be aware of the visiting hours and contact details.

Visiting Hours

All visits must be scheduled in advance by calling the inmate’s case manager at (406)-225-4516. Visits are one hour in duration and occur on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 2pm to 3pm. It’s crucial to be punctual for scheduled visits, as late arrivals will not be allowed, and early arrivals must wait.

Facility Address

Riverside Youth Correctional Facility 2 Riverside Road Boulder, MT 59632-0088


For inquiries and general information, you can reach the facility at (406)-225-4500.

Mailing Address

If you wish to correspond with an inmate, please use the following address format:

Inmate Name, ID Number Riverside Youth Correctional Facility P.O. BOX 88 Boulder, MT 59632-0088


The Riverside Youth Correctional Facility stands as a testament to the potential for positive change, even in the most challenging of circumstances. Through its comprehensive approach to rehabilitation, it offers young offenders a path towards redemption, education, and personal growth. By nurturing critical thinking skills, encouraging responsibility, and providing support for substance abuse treatment, Riverside sets a hopeful example for juvenile detention facilities across the nation.

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Are you curious to learn more about Riverside Youth Correctional Facility? Here are some frequently asked questions:


  1. What is the main goal of Riverside Youth Correctional Facility?
    • The primary goal of Riverside is to rehabilitate juvenile offenders and help them reintegrate into society as responsible individuals.
  2. How can I schedule a visit to Riverside?
    • To schedule a visit, you must contact the inmate’s case manager at (406)-225-4516 in advance.
  3. Is education a significant focus at Riverside?
    • Absolutely. Inmates are required to attend eight hours of schooling every weekday, with the opportunity to earn a diploma.
  4. What types of substance abuse treatment programs are available at Riverside?
    • Riverside offers a structured program that includes counseling, therapy, and support to help inmates overcome addiction.
  5. How can I send mail to an inmate at Riverside?
    • You can send mail to an inmate at the following address: Inmate Name, ID Number, Riverside Youth Correctional Facility, P.O. BOX 88, Boulder, MT 59632-0088.

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