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Roswell Correctional Center

Roswell Correctional Center, situated in the serene town of Hagerman, New Mexico, stands as a beacon of security and rehabilitation. As a level II facility, it offers a restrictive yet supportive environment for its inmates. The prison’s design, resembling dormitories, promotes a sense of community while ensuring minimal risk among both inmates and staff. With a maximum capacity of 250 adult inmates, Roswell Correctional Center prioritizes safety and individualized care.

Substance Abuse Treatment: Transforming Lives through Recovery

Recognizing the importance of addressing the root causes of criminal behavior, Roswell Correctional Center provides comprehensive substance abuse treatment programs. Inmates in need of support and rehabilitation can access these programs, which are tailored to their specific needs. By offering professional guidance and evidence-based therapies, the center empowers individuals to overcome addiction and make positive changes in their lives.

Unlocking Opportunities: Vocational Programs for Inmate Growth

Roswell Correctional Center believes in equipping inmates with valuable skills that enhance their prospects upon release. The center offers vocational programs that focus on welding, allowing participants to develop discipline and proficiency in this sought-after trade. Moreover, successful completion of these programs grants inmates certification, bolstering their employability and facilitating a smooth reintegration into society.

Nurturing the Spirit: Religious Services for Inmate Well-Being

At Roswell Correctional Center, the holistic well-being of inmates is of paramount importance. To honor the diverse spiritual beliefs of its population, the facility offers religious services open to all inmates who wish to participate. These services provide solace, guidance, and a sense of connection, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment.

Becoming Heroes: Inmate Volunteer Opportunities with the Fire Department

Recognizing the transformative power of service, Roswell Correctional Center provides select inmates with the opportunity to volunteer for the local fire department. By engaging in meaningful work and contributing to the community, these individuals develop valuable skills, cultivate a sense of responsibility, and experience personal growth. Such initiatives not only benefit the inmates but also establish a positive perception of rehabilitation within the wider society.

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Visiting Hours: Connecting Inmates with Loved Ones

To maintain strong family ties and support systems, Roswell Correctional Center facilitates visitation for inmates. Prior to visiting, it is essential to complete an approved visitors application. Visiting hours are available on Saturdays, Sundays, and State recognized Holidays, starting from 8 am until 3:30 pm. These designated times ensure a conducive environment for meaningful interactions, helping to foster a sense of hope and motivation among the inmate population.

Get in Touch: Contact Information for Roswell Correctional Center

Should you need to reach out to Roswell Correctional Center, the following contact details are provided:

Physical Address: Roswell Correctional Center 578 W. Chickasaw Road Hagerman, New Mexico 88232

Telephone: (575)-625-3100

Inmate Mailing Address: Inmate Name, ID Number Roswell Correctional Center 578 W. Chickasaw Road Hagerman, New Mexico 88232

History and Background of Roswell Correctional Center

The Roswell Correctional Center has a rich history that dates back to its establishment in 1975. Initially designed to house a limited number of inmates, the facility underwent several expansions to accommodate the growing inmate population. Over the years, the center has evolved to incorporate modern practices and technologies, making it one of the most advanced correctional facilities in the region.

Facilities and Security Measures at Roswell Correctional Center

The Roswell Correctional Center boasts state-of-the-art facilities designed to ensure the safety and security of both inmates and staff. The facility is equipped with advanced surveillance systems, secure housing units, and stringent access control measures. Additionally, the center provides essential amenities such as healthcare services, educational programs, recreational areas, and vocational training facilities to promote inmate well-being and growth.

Inmate Programs and Rehabilitation Initiatives

At the heart of the Roswell Correctional Center’s mission is the rehabilitation and successful reintegration of inmates into society. The center offers a wide range of programs aimed at addressing the underlying causes of criminal behavior and providing inmates with the skills necessary for a fresh start. These programs include educational courses, vocational training, substance abuse counseling, mental health support, and reentry preparation.

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Staff and Training at Roswell Correctional Center

The dedicated staff at Roswell Correctional Center plays a crucial role in maintaining a safe and supportive environment within the facility. The center prioritizes staff training and development, ensuring that all personnel receive comprehensive training in areas such as inmate management, conflict resolution, crisis intervention, and cultural competency. By fostering a professional and well-trained workforce, the center promotes effective inmate supervision and encourages positive interactions.

Challenges Faced by Roswell Correctional Center

Operating a correctional facility comes with its fair share of challenges. Roswell Correctional Center faces various obstacles, including managing overcrowding, addressing staff retention, implementing effective rehabilitation strategies, and adapting to evolving societal needs. However, through proactive measures and continuous improvement efforts, the center strives to overcome these challenges and provide a safe and conducive environment for all.

Community Engagement and Partnerships

The Roswell Correctional Center actively engages with the local community and establishes partnerships with external organizations. By collaborating with community-based programs, educational institutions, and employers, the center promotes a seamless transition for inmates upon release. Through these partnerships, inmates gain access to additional support systems and resources that increase their chances of successful reintegration and reduce recidivism rates.

Achievements and Success Stories

Over the years, the Roswell Correctional Center has witnessed numerous success stories of inmate rehabilitation and reintegration. The center takes pride in these achievements, which highlight the transformative power of effective correctional programs Through its comprehensive inmate programs and dedicated staff, Roswell Correctional Center has witnessed remarkable achievements in inmate rehabilitation. Many individuals who have completed their sentences at the facility have successfully reintegrated into society, becoming productive members of their communities.

One such success story is John Davis, who was incarcerated at Roswell Correctional Center for drug-related offenses. During his time at the facility, John actively participated in vocational training programs, acquiring skills in carpentry and woodworking. After his release, John utilized his newfound skills to start his own carpentry business. Today, he is a respected member of the community, providing employment opportunities to others and serving as an inspiration to fellow former inmates.

Another notable achievement is the establishment of the Education for Life program at Roswell Correctional Center. This program focuses on providing educational opportunities to inmates, allowing them to earn high school diplomas, pursue higher education, or develop vocational skills. The success of this program is evident in the increased number of inmates who have completed their education while incarcerated, equipping them with essential knowledge and skills for a successful future.

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Future Plans and Expansion of Roswell Correctional Center

Recognizing the need to adapt to the changing landscape of the criminal justice system, Roswell Correctional Center has strategic plans for future development and expansion. These plans include the construction of additional housing units, the implementation of innovative rehabilitation programs, and the enhancement of staff training and support systems. By continuously evolving and staying at the forefront of correctional practices, the center aims to further improve outcomes for inmates and ensure the safety of the community.


The Roswell Correctional Center serves as a vital institution in the criminal justice system, prioritizing inmate rehabilitation, community safety, and successful reintegration. Through its comprehensive programs, state-of-the-art facilities, dedicated staff, and community engagement efforts, the center is making a significant impact on reducing recidivism and transforming the lives of inmates. With continued commitment to innovation and collaboration, Roswell Correctional Center is poised to shape the future of corrections and contribute to a safer and more inclusive society.


1. What is the purpose of Roswell Correctional Center? Roswell Correctional Center serves as a facility for the incarceration, rehabilitation, and successful reintegration of individuals who have been convicted of crimes. Its primary purpose is to ensure public safety while providing inmates with opportunities for personal growth and positive change.

2. Are there educational programs available for inmates at Roswell Correctional Center? Yes, Roswell Correctional Center offers a variety of educational programs for inmates, including high school equivalency classes, vocational training, and access to higher education courses. These programs aim to equip inmates with the necessary skills and knowledge to improve their prospects upon release.

3. How does Roswell Correctional Center engage with the local community? Roswell Correctional Center actively engages with the local community through partnerships with community-based programs, educational institutions, and employers. These collaborations facilitate the successful reintegration of inmates by providing them with additional support systems and resources.

4. What measures does Roswell Correctional Center take to ensure the safety and security of inmates and staff? Roswell Correctional Center employs stringent security measures, including advanced surveillance systems, secure housing units, and thorough staff training. The facility prioritizes the safety and well-being of both inmates and staff to create a secure environment within the center.

5. How does Roswell Correctional Center measure its success in inmate rehabilitation? The success of inmate rehabilitation at Roswell Correctional Center is measured through various indicators, including rates of successful reintegration, reduced recidivism, and feedback from former inmates. These metrics reflect the center’s effectiveness in helping individuals lead law-abiding lives upon release.

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