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Rufe Jordan Unit Pampa: A Comprehensive Overview

The Rufe Jordan Unit in Pampa, Texas, is more than a correctional facility. It’s a vital part of the community, contributing to the local economy, providing jobs, and even offering inmates chances for rehabilitation and growth. But, what is the story behind this institution? What role does it play in the community and the lives of the inmates? Let’s delve deeper.

Visiting Hours and Contact Information

For families and friends of inmates, visiting hours at the Baten Transfer Facility and Jordan Unit are on Saturdays and Sundays from 8 am to 5 pm, with visits limited to a maximum of two hours. Inmates are allowed one visit per weekend.

Physical Addresses:

  • Jordan Unit 1992 Helton Road Pampa, TX 79065
  • Baten Transfer Facility 1995 Helton Road Pampa, TX 79065


(806)-665-7070 (Ext. 056)

Inmate Mailing Addresses:

Inmate Name, ID Number Jordan Unit 1992 Helton Road Pampa, TX 79065

Inmate Name, ID Number Baten Transfer Facility 1995 Helton Road Pampa, TX 79065

The History of Rufe Jordan Unit

The Rufe Jordan Unit has been part of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for several years. Its establishment brought about changes in the local community, offering jobs and services that were previously unavailable.

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Location and General Information

Located in Pampa, the Rufe Jordan Unit is nestled in the heart of Gray County. It’s a medium-security prison that houses male offenders and offers a variety of programs designed to help inmates reintegrate into society.

Facilities and Services

The unit provides facilities such as libraries, classrooms, and workshops. Services offered include healthcare, counseling, and educational programs.

The Importance of the Rufe Jordan Unit

What sets the Rufe Jordan Unit apart is its impact on the local community and its focus on rehabilitation.

Impact on Local Economy

By employing local residents, the unit contributes significantly to the local economy. These jobs not only provide income but also opportunities for career growth and development.

Job Opportunities

From correctional officers to healthcare providers and teachers, the Rufe Jordan Unit offers a variety of job opportunities that cater to different skills and interests.

Rehabilitation Efforts

Rehabilitation is a major focus at the unit. Several programs aim to equip inmates with skills and knowledge necessary for a successful reentry into society.

Educational Programs

These programs offer inmates the chance to further their education, providing them with better opportunities upon release.

Vocational Training

Vocational training programs equip inmates with practical skills that can be directly applied in the job market, improving their chances of employment after release.

Inmate Life and Activities

Life at the Rufe Jordan Unit involves more than just confinement. It’s about personal growth, learning, and preparation for a better future.

The Challenges Faced by Rufe Jordan Unit

Despite its significant role, the unit faces several challenges that impact its operations and the wellbeing of inmates.

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Like many correctional facilities, overpopulation is a challenge, resulting in strain on resources and facilities.

Health and Safety Concerns

Overpopulation puts a strain on the health and safety measures within the Rufe Jordan Unit. It becomes challenging to provide adequate medical care and ensure the overall well-being of the inmates.

Recidivism Rates

Recidivism, or the relapse into criminal behavior after release, is a concern that the Rufe Jordan Unit aims to address through its rehabilitation programs.

The Role of Rehabilitation Programs

The unit recognizes the importance of addressing the root causes of criminal behavior to reduce recidivism rates. Rehabilitation programs focus on addressing behavioral issues, providing counseling, and fostering personal growth.

The Future of Rufe Jordan Unit

As the Rufe Jordan Unit moves forward, it strives to make positive changes and strengthen its relationship with the community.

Upcoming Developments

The unit plans to implement new initiatives and expand existing programs to enhance inmate rehabilitation and increase successful reentry into society.

Community Engagement

Building stronger ties with the local community is a priority for the Rufe Jordan Unit. Collaboration with local organizations, businesses, and volunteers can provide additional support and resources for both inmates and staff.


The Rufe Jordan Unit in Pampa, Texas, plays a significant role in the community and the lives of inmates. Through rehabilitation efforts, job opportunities, and community engagement, it aims to make a positive impact. However, challenges such as overpopulation and recidivism rates remain, necessitating continued focus on effective solutions. The future holds promise as the unit strives to evolve and create a better environment for inmates’ growth and successful reintegration into society.

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Q1: How long has the Rufe Jordan Unit been operating? The Rufe Jordan Unit has been a part of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for several years, providing correctional services and rehabilitation programs.

Q2: What types of jobs are available at the Rufe Jordan Unit? The unit offers various job opportunities, including positions for correctional officers, healthcare providers, teachers, and vocational trainers.

Q3: What educational programs are available for inmates? Inmates at the Rufe Jordan Unit have access to educational programs that allow them to further their education and improve their prospects upon release.

Q4: How does the Rufe Jordan Unit address the issue of overpopulation? Overpopulation is a challenge faced by the unit. Efforts are being made to manage the population effectively and ensure the well-being of all inmates.

Q5: How does the Rufe Jordan Unit engage with the local community? The unit collaborates with local organizations, businesses, and volunteers to create stronger ties with the community and provide additional support and resources.

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