saginaw correctional facility

Saginaw Correctional Facility: An Inside Look

Visiting Hours

Visitation is a crucial aspect of an inmate’s life, allowing them to maintain connections with family and friends. It’s important to note that visiting hours at Saginaw Correctional Facility may change, so it’s recommended to check the Michigan Department of Corrections website for the latest visiting hour information.

Contact Information

For those wishing to contact or visit Saginaw Correctional Facility, here are the essential details:

Physical Address

Saginaw Correctional Facility 9625 Pierce Rd. Freeland, MI 48623



Inmate Mailing Address

Inmate Name, ID Number Saginaw Correctional Facility 9625 Pierce Rd. Freeland, MI 48623

Introduction to Saginaw Correctional Facility

Step inside the world of corrections and get an up-close view of the Saginaw Correctional Facility. Nestled in Freeland, Michigan, this state prison is an integral part of the Michigan Department of Corrections. But what makes it so significant? We’re about to explore it all.

Location and Accessibility

First things first: where is the Saginaw Correctional Facility located? It’s tucked away in the Tittabawassee Township, right on the outskirts of Freeland.

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Establishment and History

Our journey back in time takes us to 1993, when Saginaw first opened its doors. Since then, it has witnessed countless stories unfold within its walls.

Understanding the Facility Structure

Have you ever wondered what a state prison looks like from the inside? Let’s demystify it for you.

Infrastructure and Design

The prison spans a massive 142 acres. It’s designed to house over 1,000 inmates, divided between multiple units each having its own distinct characteristics.

Security Measures

High-level security is paramount in Saginaw. Advanced technology, along with trained personnel, ensures the safety and order within the facility.

Living Quarters

Each living unit is carefully constructed to offer a secure and orderly environment. From cells to shared spaces, each area is designed with inmate safety in mind.

Life in Saginaw Correctional Facility

Inmate Population

Saginaw is home to a diverse population of inmates. Their stories, their experiences, they all add up to the unique culture within the facility.

Programs and Services

Prison isn’t just about confinement. Saginaw offers a range of programs, from educational initiatives to vocational training, providing inmates with opportunities for personal growth and development.

Staff and Management

Running a prison is no small feat. Meet the dedicated team that ensures the smooth operation of Saginaw day in and day out.

The Role of Saginaw in the Community

Economic Impact

Did you know that Saginaw contributes significantly to the local economy? From providing jobs to making local purchases, the facility is deeply intertwined with the community.

Community Relationships and Contributions

Saginaw’s role extends beyond its walls. Through various initiatives, the facility contributes positively to the wider community.

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Conclusion: Looking to the Future of Saginaw Correctional Facility

As we wrap up our tour, it’s clear that Saginaw Correctional Facility is more than just a prison. It’s a community within a community, a place where change is possible, and where the future is always on the horizon.


1. How many inmates can Saginaw Correctional Facility house?

The facility is designed to house over 1,000 inmates.

2. What kind of programs does Saginaw offer?

Saginaw provides educational programs and vocational training for inmates.

3. How does Saginaw contribute to the local economy?

The facility contributes economically by providing jobs and making local purchases.

4. What security measures are in place at Saginaw?

The facility uses advanced technology and trained personnel to maintain security.

5. What is the inmate population like at Saginaw?

Saginaw houses a diverse population of inmates, contributing to a unique culture within the facility.

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