snake river correctional institution

Snake River Correctional Institution

Snake River Correctional Institution, located in Ontario, Oregon, stands as the largest prison facility in the state. This mixed custody prison comprises both a medium facility and a minimum facility, catering to different security levels. Spanning across 103 acres of fenced land, it offers ample space for the incarceration of offenders. With a maximum capacity of 3,062 individuals, Snake River Correctional Institution plays a crucial role in the correctional system of Oregon.

Facilities and Housing Options

Within Snake River Correctional Institution, various housing options are available to accommodate the diverse needs of the inmate population. Alongside the general population housing, inmates may be assigned to disciplinary segregation, intensive management, the infirmary, or administrative segregation. Furthermore, the institution provides incentive housing to inmates who demonstrate positive behavior, encouraging personal growth and rehabilitation.

Vocational Training and Employment Opportunities

Snake River Correctional Institution is committed to equipping offenders with valuable skills that can facilitate their successful reintegration into society. Inmates have the opportunity to participate in vocational courses focused on building and construction trades. This training enables them to acquire specialized skills that can be applied in the workforce upon release.

Moreover, within the prison premises, inmates are engaged in various supportive roles, such as custodial work, food preparation in the kitchen, and landscaping maintenance. These responsibilities foster a sense of responsibility and work ethic among the incarcerated individuals, enhancing their chances of securing employment post-release.

In addition to on-site work assignments, Snake River Correctional Institution collaborates with the Oregon Corrections Enterprise Industries to provide employment opportunities. Inmates involved in this program receive wages for their work in areas like the sign shop, laundry, and telephone customer service. Such initiatives not only instill a sense of productivity but also contribute to the development of marketable skills.

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Educational Programs and Parenting Courses

Recognizing the importance of education in reducing recidivism rates, Snake River Correctional Institution offers a range of educational opportunities for inmates. These programs include the opportunity to earn a General Education Development (GED) certificate and pursue adult basic education. By acquiring essential academic skills, inmates are better equipped to pursue higher education or secure meaningful employment after their release.

Additionally, the institution provides parenting programs that aim to strengthen familial bonds and equip inmates with the necessary knowledge and skills to support their children. These programs foster responsible parenting practices and encourage positive family dynamics, ultimately promoting successful reintegration into society.

Visiting Hours and Contact Information

Visiting hours at Snake River Correctional Institution are as follows:

  • Medium Facility:
    • Days: Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays
    • Visiting Hours: 7:50 am – 10:40 am and 12:15 pm – 3:45 pm
  • Minimum Facility:
    • Days: Saturdays and Sundays
    • Visiting Hours: 7:50 am – 10:40 am and 12:15 pm – 3:45 pm

Please note that all visiting hours mentioned above are in Mountain Standard Time.

For any inquiries or communication, you can reach Snake River Correctional Institution using the following details:

Physical Address: Snake River Correctional Institution 777 Stanton Blvd Ontario, Oregon 97914-8335

Telephone: (541)-881-5000

Inmate Mailing Address: Inmate Name, ID Number Snake River Correctional Institution 777 Stanton Blvd Ontario, Oregon 97914-8335

By prioritizing security, providing vocational training, offering educational programs, and promoting family connections, Snake River Correctional Institution strives to create an environment conducive to rehabilitation and successful reentry into society.

History of Snake River Correctional Institution

SRCI was established in the early 1990s to address the growing need for additional prison facilities in Oregon. In its early years, SRCI primarily housed minimum-security inmates, but as the facility expanded, it began to accommodate medium- and maximum-security inmates as well. Over the years, SRCI has undergone several renovations and upgrades to improve its facilities and meet the changing needs of its inmate population.

Security Measures in Snake River Correctional Institution

SRCI has implemented a number of security measures to ensure the safety of inmates, staff, and the surrounding community. The perimeter of the facility is secured by multiple layers of fencing, as well as surveillance cameras and other technology. Inmate management and control are maintained through a combination of staff supervision, locked units, and security cameras. SRCI also uses a variety of technology, such as metal detectors and X-ray machines, to screen visitors, staff, and inmates for contraband.

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Programs and Services Offered in Snake River Correctional Institution

SRCI offers a range of programs and services to help inmates improve their lives and prepare for reentry into society. Educational programs are available to help inmates earn degrees and acquire job skills, while rehabilitation programs are designed to address substance abuse, mental health, and other issues. Inmates also have access to basic health care services, including routine check-ups, dental care, and emergency medical treatment.

Inmate Life in Snake River Correctional Institution

Life in SRCI is structured and controlled, with inmates following a set routine each day. This typically includes activities such as work, education, and recreation, as well as meals and personal time. While incarcerated, inmates have access to basic necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter, but they are also subject to strict rules and regulations.

Recreational activities are an important part of inmate life at SRCI, with opportunities for exercise, games, and other leisure activities. However, these activities are tightly controlled and monitored for safety and security reasons.

Staff at Snake River Correctional Institution

SRCI employs a dedicated and professional staff of corrections officers, support staff, and other personnel. The staff undergoes extensive training and background checks before being hired, and they receive ongoing support and resources to help them perform their jobs effectively.

The work environment at SRCI can be challenging, with long hours and the constant need to maintain security and order. However, the staff work as a team and support each other, creating a positive work culture.

Challenges faced by Snake River Correctional Institution

Like many prison facilities, SRCI faces a number of challenges on a daily basis. One of the biggest challenges is overcrowding, which can lead to increased safety risks, reduced access to programs and services, and a higher risk of violence and unrest.

Another challenge faced by SRCI is funding. Like many government-run institutions, SRCI is subject to budget constraints and funding cuts, which can impact its ability to provide adequate resources and support to inmates and staff.

Managing inmate behavior is also a challenge at SRCI, with a constant need to maintain discipline, prevent violence, and ensure the safety of all individuals involved.

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Reforms and Improvements at Snake River Correctional Institution

In recent years, SRCI has made a number of reforms and improvements aimed at addressing its challenges and improving the quality of life for inmates and staff. New policies and procedures have been implemented to enhance security, reduce violence, and promote rehabilitation and reentry. Infrastructure upgrades, such as the construction of new buildings and the installation of new technology, have also been made to enhance the facilities and resources available to inmates and staff.

Controversies Surrounding Snake River Correctional Institution

SRCI has been the subject of a number of controversies over the years, including allegations of abuse and mistreatment of inmates, legal disputes, and negative media coverage. While some of these allegations have been proven to be baseless, others have led to reforms and improvements aimed at ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all individuals involved.


Snake River Correctional Institution is a complex and challenging institution that plays a crucial role in the criminal justice system of Oregon. Despite the challenges it faces, SRCI is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for inmates, staff, and the surrounding community. Through its programs, services, and reforms, SRCI is working to enhance the lives of its inmates and prepare them for reentry into society.


  1. What is Snake River Correctional Institution? Snake River Correctional Institution is a state-run prison located in Eastern Oregon that was established in the early 1990s. It provides a range of programs and services to help inmates improve their lives and prepare for reentry into society.
  2. What kind of programs and services does Snake River Correctional Institution offer? SRCI offers a range of educational programs, rehabilitation programs, and health care services to help inmates improve their lives and prepare for reentry into society.
  3. How is security maintained in Snake River Correctional Institution? Security is maintained at Snake River Correctional Institution through a combination of perimeter security, inmate management and control, and technology. This includes multiple layers of fencing, surveillance cameras, metal detectors, and X-ray machines. Inmate behavior is also closely monitored and managed by staff to maintain order and prevent violence.
  1. What is the work environment like for staff at Snake River Correctional Institution? The work environment for staff at Snake River Correctional Institution can be challenging, with long hours and the need to maintain security and order. However, the staff work as a team and support each other, creating a positive work culture.
  2. What reforms and improvements have been made at Snake River Correctional Institution? In recent years, Snake River Correctional Institution has made a number of reforms and improvements aimed at enhancing security, reducing violence, and promoting rehabilitation and reentry. This includes new policies and procedures, infrastructure upgrades, and a focus on providing quality programs and services to inmates.

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