stony mountain institution

Stony Mountain Institution

What is Stony Mountain Institution

Stony Mountain Institution (SMI) is a federal maximum security penitentiary located in Stony Mountain, Manitoba, about 20 km north of Winnipeg. It is one of the oldest federal correctional facilities in Canada.

History and Original Purpose

SMI first opened in 1877 as Manitoba Penitentiary, meant to hold the most dangerous convicted offenders in the province with no chance of parole. Its remote location and high-walled perimeter were intended to isolate inmates from society.

Facility and Operations

Security Level and Inmate Population

As a maximum security prison, SMI houses offenders sentenced to over two years, including those convicted of serious crimes like murder, organized crime, and major drug offenses. It has capacity for about 650 inmates.

Programs and Services Offered

SMI aims to provide skills training and prepare offenders for re-integration. Programs offered include:


  • High school equivalency
  • Literacy classes
  • Library access

Skills Training

  • Welding, carpentry, and other trades
  • Agriculture and landscaping
  • Business education


  • Addiction recovery
  • Anger management
  • Spiritual guidance

Controversies and Issues

However, SMI has long faced challenges surrounding security and inmate rehabilitation, including:

Gang Violence and Illegal Activity

Gangs participate heavily in the prison underground economy, using intimidation and violence to maintain control. Drugs, weapons, and other contraband are supplied illicitly.

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Contraband Smuggling

Inmates continue finding ways to sneak prohibited items past security checks. Correctional officers have also been implicated in supplying contraband.

Staffing Challenges

Insufficient staffing contributes to an unsafe environment for both staff and inmates. Officers report being overworked, underpaid, and stressed.


Overpopulation strains facility resources and raises tensions among inmates forced to share small spaces not designed for current capacity.

Recent Developments

Efforts are underway to address these longstanding issues, including:

Expansions and Infrastructure Updates

  • New housing units and program spaces
  • Enhanced security technology
  • Infrastructure repairs

New Rehabilitation Initiatives

  • Extended vocational and counseling programs
  • Arts-based therapy
  • Restorative justice practices

The impact of these changes remains to be seen.


Role of Stony Mountain Today

As Canada’s only maximum security penitentiary, SMI continues providing long-term, high-supervision incarceration for the country’s most high-risk convicted offenders.

Future Outlook

Addressing systemic challenges around contraband, gangs, rehabilitation efforts, and infrastructure will shape SMI’s future capacity to securely and humanely carry out its mandated purpose. Additional resources and oversight are still required.


What is the capacity of Stony Mountain Institution?

The inmate capacity is approximately 650 prisoners. However, SMI has been overcrowded for years, often housing 20-40% more than the designed capacity.

How old is the facility?

Stony Mountain first opened in 1877, so the prison is over 140 years old. Some buildings have heritage designation, though much of the infrastructure is aging or in disrepair.

What security level is it?

As Canada’s only maximum security federal penitentiary, Stony Mountain houses the country’s most high-risk prisoners.

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Have any notable criminals been held there?

Yes, many infamous Canadian offenders like Clifford Olson, Jeffrey Lund, and more recently, Vince Li, have all served time at Stony Mountain.

Are rehabilitation programs mandatory or voluntary?

Participation in skills training, counseling, and education programs is voluntary. However, inmates serving long sentences are strongly encouraged to enroll.

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