swannanoa correctional center for women

Swannanoa Correctional Center for Women: A Closer Look

In the heart of Black Mountain, North Carolina, stands the Swannanoa Correctional Center for Women, a facility that plays a pivotal role in the state’s criminal justice system. This minimum-custody prison provides housing and rehabilitation for 366 female offenders, offering them an opportunity for redemption and a fresh start. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the inner workings of this institution, from its facilities and educational programs to its visiting hours and essential contact information.

Understanding the Facility

Dormitories at Swannanoa

The Swannanoa Correctional Center for Women comprises four dormitories, each with a unique purpose and name. These dormitories are Greenwood, Gilliat, Sloop, and Frye. The facility’s thoughtful division into these dormitories helps streamline the management of inmates and ensures that they receive the care and attention they need during their stay.

Educational Opportunities

One of the key aspects of the rehabilitation process at Swannanoa is providing inmates with the chance to improve their skills and knowledge. Inmates have access to vocational classes, where they can acquire new skills that can be invaluable upon their release. Additionally, the facility offers educational classes to assist inmates in earning their GED, a vital step towards reintegration into society as educated individuals.

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Medical, Dental, and Mental Health Care

Ensuring the well-being of inmates is a top priority at Swannanoa. The facility provides basic medical, dental, and mental health treatments to all its residents. This commitment to healthcare not only addresses the physical needs of inmates but also acknowledges the importance of mental health in the rehabilitation process.

Substance Abuse Treatment Program

Recognizing the significance of addressing underlying issues such as substance abuse, Swannanoa Correctional Center for Women offers a comprehensive substance abuse treatment program. This program aims to help inmates overcome addiction, equipping them with the tools needed for a successful recovery and reintegration into society.

Visiting Hours and Scheduling

Saturday Visits

For the friends and family of inmates, maintaining a connection is crucial during incarceration. Swannanoa offers visiting hours on Saturdays in two sessions. The morning session runs from 8:30 am to 10:30 am, while the afternoon session is from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. It’s important to note that the session an inmate is eligible for depends on the first letter of their last name. This schedule follows a six-month rotation, so it’s advisable to contact the facility for the current rotation to ensure a hassle-free visit.

Contact Information

Physical Address

Swannanoa Correctional Center for Women is located at: 55 Lake Eden Road Black Mountain, NC 28711


For general inquiries and information, you can reach the facility at: (828)-259-6000

Inmate Mailing Address

When sending mail to an inmate at Swannanoa, please use the following format: Inmate Name, ID Number Swannanoa Correctional Center for Women P.O. Box 609 Black Mountain, NC 28711-0609

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Swannanoa Correctional Center for Women stands as a testament to North Carolina’s commitment to rehabilitation and reform within its criminal justice system. By providing inmates with educational opportunities, healthcare, and substance abuse treatment programs, the facility seeks to prepare them for a successful reintegration into society. The visiting hours and contact information ensure that inmates can maintain vital connections with their loved ones, further aiding in their rehabilitation journey.


1. How can I schedule a visit to Swannanoa Correctional Center for Women?

Visiting hours at Swannanoa are on Saturdays, with sessions based on the first letter of an inmate’s last name. It’s best to contact the facility for the current rotation and to schedule a visit.

2. What educational programs are available to inmates at Swannanoa?

Inmates at Swannanoa have access to vocational classes for skill development and educational classes to earn their GED.

3. What is the address for sending mail to inmates at Swannanoa?

You can send mail to inmates at the following address: Inmate Name, ID Number Swannanoa Correctional Center for Women P.O. Box 609 Black Mountain, NC 28711-0609

4. Is there a substance abuse treatment program at Swannanoa?

Yes, Swannanoa Correctional Center for Women offers a substance abuse treatment program to assist inmates in overcoming addiction.

5. What is the goal of Swannanoa Correctional Center for Women?

The facility’s primary goal is to rehabilitate female offenders and prepare them for successful reintegration into society through education, healthcare, and support programs.

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