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Wallens Ridge State Prison: A Comprehensive Look

Wallens Ridge State Prison, situated in the scenic town of Big Stone Gap, Virginia, stands as a prominent supermax penitentiary. With a capacity to house approximately 1,200 male inmates, many serving long and multiple life sentences, this correctional facility plays a crucial role in maintaining law and order. However, recent concerns raised by human rights watch groups have shed light on the challenges associated with housing inmates from distant states, asserting that it poses risks to the prisoners and hinders their connections with family and community. This article aims to provide an overview of Wallens Ridge State Prison, addressing these concerns and highlighting the facility’s future developments.

The Role of Wallens Ridge State Prison

Over the past decade, Wallens Ridge State Prison has gained attention due to its unique circumstances and the issues surrounding it. The 2006 documentary “Up the Ridge” effectively showcased the various challenges faced by the inmates within the prison’s walls. One such challenge arises from the geographical distance between the prison and the home states of the incarcerated individuals, which has drawn criticism from human rights organizations. The absence of regular family contact and limited community interaction can potentially impede the rehabilitation process and reintroduction of prisoners into society.

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Addressing Concerns and Paving the Way for Change

Recognizing the importance of addressing these concerns, Wallens Ridge State Prison is taking steps towards improving the situation for its inmates. While the facility does not currently house any special offender populations or participate in the Virginia Correctional Enterprise program, notable changes are underway. The prison administration plans to introduce an enterprise program, employing inmates within the facility’s operations. This initiative not only provides productive work opportunities for the incarcerated individuals but also contributes to their personal growth and skill development.

Furthermore, Wallens Ridge State Prison is actively working on the implementation of new programs and upgrading various aspects of the facility. These improvements, anticipated to be completed in the near future, aim to enhance the overall living conditions and resources available to the inmates. By providing a more conducive environment for personal development and rehabilitation, the prison hopes to mitigate some of the challenges raised by human rights watch groups.

Visiting Wallens Ridge State Prison

Understanding the significance of maintaining familial ties, Wallens Ridge State Prison allows visitors to connect with the incarcerated individuals. To visit an offender at the prison, it is essential to have an approved visitors application on file. Visiting hours are held on Saturdays and Sundays, with specific time slots allotted on a rotating basis. For detailed information regarding visiting hours and guidelines, it is advisable to contact the facility directly.

Contact Information

For any inquiries or correspondence related to Wallens Ridge State Prison, the following contact details can be utilized:

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Physical Address: Wallens Ridge State Prison 272 Dogwood Drive Big Stone Gap, VA 24219

Telephone: (276)-523-3310

Inmate Mailing Address: Inmate Name, ID Number Wallens Ridge State Prison P.O. Box 759 Big Stone Gap, VA 24219

A Brief Overview of Wallens Ridge State Prison

Wallens Ridge State Prison, located in Big Stone Gap, Virginia, is a high-security correctional facility housing male inmates. As part of the Virginia Department of Corrections, it has played a crucial role in the state’s justice system.

History and Development

The prison was established in 1999, a response to the increasing need for more inmate housing in the state. Over the years, it has undergone various changes and adjustments in its policies, management, and programs.

Location and Structure

Nestled within the Appalachian Mountains, the prison’s structure is an imposing fortress-like building designed to ensure high-security standards. Its remote location aids in maintaining secure perimeters.

Inside Wallens Ridge State Prison

Facilities and Amenities

Despite its fortress-like exterior, Wallens Ridge strives to provide humane living conditions for inmates. It houses a commissary, library, and recreation areas, apart from basic living amenities.

Inmate Programs

Educational Programs

Inmates have access to educational programs aimed at high school diploma equivalency, vocational training, and life skills education. This aids in personal development and future employability.

Rehabilitation Programs

Rehabilitation programs, such as substance abuse treatment and anger management, are also in place to help inmates cope and address underlying issues.

Security and Regulations at Wallens Ridge

Safety Measures

Wallens Ridge uses a combination of physical, procedural, and electronic measures to ensure safety. This includes constant surveillance, strict routines, and regular checks.

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Inmate Rights and Treatment

Despite stringent measures, the prison upholds inmates’ rights. Efforts are made to provide medical care, access to legal resources, and fair treatment.

Controversies and Criticisms

Like many correctional facilities, Wallens Ridge has faced criticism for its harsh conditions, alleged abuses, and overcrowding. Yet, it continually strives for improvement and upholding inmates’ rights.

Life After Wallens Ridge: Parole and Reintegration

Parole Process

Eligible inmates may be granted parole—a supervised release before completing their full sentence. The parole board considers various factors, including behavior, rehabilitation, and potential risk to society.

Reintegration Programs

After release, reintegration programs assist former inmates in rejoining society. These programs offer help with job placement, housing, counseling, and more.

Conclusion: The Role of Wallens Ridge State Prison in the Justice System (Continued)

facilitating justice. By providing education and rehabilitation programs, it aims to contribute positively to inmates’ lives and their reintegration into society. Nonetheless, the ongoing debate regarding its practices and conditions reflects broader conversations about prison reform and the criminal justice system.


  1. What type of prison is Wallens Ridge State Prison? Wallens Ridge State Prison is a high-security correctional facility housing male inmates, operated by the Virginia Department of Corrections.
  2. What programs are offered to inmates at Wallens Ridge? Inmates have access to educational programs, vocational training, life skills education, and rehabilitation programs such as substance abuse treatment and anger management.
  3. What security measures are in place at Wallens Ridge? The prison uses a combination of physical, procedural, and electronic measures to ensure safety. This includes constant surveillance, strict routines, and regular checks.
  4. What are the criticisms faced by Wallens Ridge State Prison? The prison has faced criticism for harsh conditions, alleged abuses, and overcrowding. It continually strives to address these issues and improve conditions.
  5. What support is offered to inmates after release from Wallens Ridge? Former inmates can benefit from reintegration programs offering job placement, housing, counseling, and more to assist in their transition back into society.

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