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Warren Correctional Institution

Warren Correctional Institution, located in Manson, North Carolina, is a distinguished correctional facility that prioritizes the safety and rehabilitation of inmates. With its mixed custody system encompassing minimum, PCON, medium, and close custody inmates, the institution strives to maintain a secure environment while offering various programs to aid in the inmates’ personal and professional development.

A Multifaceted Facility

At Warren Correctional Institution, the current capacity accommodates up to 809 male inmates. This state-of-the-art facility caters predominantly to medium custody inmates. By implementing the Correctional Enterprise program, the institution empowers inmates through their involvement in the manufacturing of cleaning products and soap, providing valuable skills and vocational training opportunities.

Education and Training Opportunities

Recognizing the significance of education in reducing recidivism rates, Warren Correctional Institution offers comprehensive vocational training and educational courses tailored to the inmates’ custody levels. These programs encompass GED courses, allowing inmates to obtain their General Educational Development certification, thereby increasing their chances of successful reintegration into society.

Comprehensive Inmate Services

The well-being of inmates at Warren Correctional Institution is of paramount importance. The institution ensures that all inmates have access to essential medical, dental, and mental health services. By providing comprehensive healthcare services, the institution aims to address the physical and mental well-being of its inmate population, fostering a safer and more supportive environment.

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Visiting Hours and Information

Visiting a loved one at Warren Correctional Institution is possible through a convenient appointment system. To schedule a visit, please call (252)-456-2820 at least 24 hours in advance, from Tuesday to Thursday. Visitation hours are as follows:

  • Saturdays: 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM / 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM
  • Sundays: 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Contact Information

For any inquiries or additional information, please refer to the following contact details:

Physical Address: Warren Correctional Institution 379 Collins Road Manson, NC 27553

Telephone: (252)-456-3400

Inmate Mailing Address: Inmate Name, ID Number Warren Correctional Institution Box 728 Norlina, NC 27563

Location of the Institution

The Warren Correctional Institution is located in Lebanon, Ohio. Its geographic placement plays a significant role in its operations and interactions with local communities.

Brief History

The Warren Correctional Institution was established in 1989. Since its inception, the institution has undergone significant changes, adapting to the shifting dynamics of the correctional landscape while staying true to its original mission of providing a secure environment for inmates and society alike.

Life Inside Warren Correctional Institution

Understanding the life of an inmate within this institution is vital to comprehend the real-life implications of incarceration.

Facilities and Amenities

The Warren Correctional Institution offers a range of facilities to its inmates, including living quarters, a commissary, recreational areas, and medical services. This is all part of a wider effort to maintain a humane environment while ensuring safety and security.

Programs and Services

In addition to the standard facilities, the institution offers several programs aimed at reducing recidivism and promoting personal growth among the incarcerated population.

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Education Programs

These include GED courses, vocational training, and even opportunities for post-secondary education. Education is seen as a powerful tool for empowering inmates and improving their chances of successful reintegration into society after their sentence.

Rehabilitation Programs

Inmates also have access to various rehabilitation programs, ranging from substance abuse treatment to anger management courses. These programs are designed to address the root causes of criminal behavior, thereby reducing the likelihood of future offenses.

Role of Staff

The staff at Warren Correctional Institution play a crucial role in the smooth operation of the facility, providing guidance, maintaining order, and facilitating various programs.

Security Measures

Internal Security

Internally, the institution employs numerous strategies to maintain peace and order. This includes regular cell inspections, strict schedules, and surveillance.

External Security

Externally, the facility is secured by high fences, security cameras, and a round-the-clock patrol. All these measures ensure the safety of both the inmates and the wider community.

Notable Incidents

Over the years, Warren Correctional Institution has witnessed several notable incidents, both challenging and transformative, which have contributed to shaping its current operations and policies.

Community Impact

Warren Correctional Institution has a significant impact on the surrounding community, through job creation, community engagement programs, and the provision of a secure environment.


The Warren Correctional Institution stands as a testament to the evolving nature of the American correctional system. With a focus on safety, rehabilitation, and education, it plays a significant role in the broader societal ecosystem.


1. When was Warren Correctional Institution established?
The Warren Correctional Institution was established in 1989.

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2. What type of programs does Warren Correctional Institution offer?
The institution offers education and rehabilitation programs, which include GED courses, vocational training, post-secondary education opportunities, substance abuse treatment, and anger management courses.

3. What measures are in place for the security of Warren Correctional Institution?
Internal and external security measures are in place, including cell inspections, surveillance, high fences, security cameras, and round-the-clock patrols.

4. What is the impact of Warren Correctional Institution on the local community?
The institution contributes to job creation, community engagement, and the provision of a secure environment for the community.

5. What facilities are available for inmates at Warren Correctional Institution?
The institution provides living quarters, a commissary, recreational areas, and medical services.

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