Exploring the Washington County Regional Correctional Facility


When it comes to correctional facilities, it’s essential to understand the details of each institution, including the services they provide, their location, and the programs available for inmates. In this article, we will delve into the Washington County Regional Correctional Facility, located in Greenville, Mississippi. This mixed custody facility houses both male and female offenders, ensuring they are kept on separate sides of the institution.

Facility Overview

1. Location

The Washington County Regional Correctional Facility can be found at: 60 Stokes King Rd, Greenville, MS 38701

2. Custody Arrangements

One distinguishing feature of this facility is its mixed custody arrangement. Unlike some correctional institutions, males and females are not housed together here. This segregation helps maintain order and security within the facility.

3. Educational Opportunities

Similar to many other correctional facilities, the Washington County Regional Correctional Facility offers educational programs for inmates. These programs include:

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3.1. GED and Adult Basic Education

Inmates have the opportunity to earn their General Educational Development (GED) certificate and pursue adult basic education to enhance their knowledge and skills.

3.2. Vocational Classes

Vocational classes provide practical training in various trades, helping inmates acquire valuable skills that can lead to employment opportunities upon release.

3.3. Computer Courses

In today’s digital age, computer literacy is crucial. Inmates can take computer courses to improve their computer skills, which can be beneficial for future job prospects.

3.4. Religious Services

For those seeking spiritual guidance and support, the facility also offers religious services, allowing inmates to practice their faith and find solace during their time of incarceration.

4. Rehabilitation Programs

Rehabilitation is a key component of the correctional process. In addition to education, inmates at the Washington County Regional Correctional Facility can participate in:

4.1. Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Substance abuse issues can be a significant factor in criminal behavior. Inmates can access programs aimed at addressing and overcoming addiction.

4.2. Anger Management

Learning to manage emotions and behaviors is essential for successful reintegration into society. Anger management programs are available to help inmates develop these critical skills.

Visiting Information

5. Visiting Hours

While we strive to provide comprehensive information, it’s essential to note that the visiting hours for the Washington County Regional Correctional Facility are not available at the time of writing. To plan a visit, please contact the institution directly for up-to-date details. If you have knowledge of the visiting hours, we encourage you to leave a comment below to assist others.

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6. Contact Information

Should you need to get in touch with the facility, you can reach them at: Telephone: (662)-537-2000

Inmate Mailing Address

Inmates at the Washington County Regional Correctional Facility can receive mail at the following address:

Inmate Name, ID Number Washington County Regional Correctional Facility 60 Stokes King Rd Greenville, MS 38701


Understanding the facilities and programs available at correctional institutions is vital for inmates and their families. The Washington County Regional Correctional Facility, with its focus on education, rehabilitation, and maintaining a safe environment, plays a crucial role in the correctional system.

For those planning to visit or contact the facility, it’s advisable to check for the most up-to-date information. By doing so, you can ensure a smooth and informed experience.


1. Can inmates at Washington County Regional Correctional Facility earn a GED?

Yes, inmates at the facility have the opportunity to earn their GED.

2. Are there vocational classes available for inmates?

Absolutely. Inmates can participate in vocational classes to acquire practical skills.

3. Is computer training offered to inmates?

Yes, computer courses are available to help inmates improve their computer skills.

4. Are there religious services for inmates?

Yes, the facility provides religious services to accommodate inmates’ spiritual needs.

5. How can I find out the visiting hours for the Washington County Regional Correctional Facility?

To obtain the most current visiting hours, please contact the institution directly as this information may change over time.

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