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Who Killed Joffrey? Unraveling the Mystery


Ever wondered about the intricacies of one of the most controversial deaths in the world of Westeros? Yes, we’re talking about Joffrey Baratheon’s sudden and shocking demise. But, who killed Joffrey?

Who was Joffrey Baratheon?

Joffrey Baratheon, the eldest “son” of Cersei and Robert Baratheon, was a king who sat on the Iron Throne. But, did his royal lineage save him from his untimely end?

Joffrey’s reign and character traits

Despite his youth, Joffrey’s reign was marked by cruelty, arrogance, and unpredictability, making him one of the most detested characters in the Seven Kingdoms.

The Poisonous Purple Wedding

At the center of this mysterious whodunit is Joffrey’s infamous Purple Wedding. Let’s set the scene, shall we?

Events leading to Joffrey’s death

Joffrey’s death occurred at his own wedding feast, a grand affair where many characters from across the Seven Kingdoms were in attendance.

The fateful wedding feast

Amid the revelry, Joffrey suddenly began choking and convulsing after drinking wine from his goblet. Before a doctor could be summoned, Joffrey died, his face turning a horrible shade of purple.

The Investigation: Unveiling the Murderer

The mystery deepened, with many suspects and false leads. So, who was responsible for this shocking murder?

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Initial Suspects

Initially, Tyrion Lannister, Joffrey’s own uncle, was accused and sentenced for the crime.

Tyrion Lannister and Sansa Stark

Sansa Stark, Joffrey’s bride, was also suspected, and she promptly disappeared after the feast. Were they the culprits, or just convenient scapegoats?

The real culprits

As the story unfolded, it became clear that the real culprits were Olenna Tyrell and Petyr Baelish, also known as Littlefinger.

Olenna Tyrell and Littlefinger

Yes, you read it right. The charming old grandmother and the cunning manipulator were behind the plot to murder the young king.

The Motives Behind the Murder

But why would these two seemingly unrelated characters conspire to kill Joffrey?

Olenna Tyrell’s motivations

Olenna Tyrell wanted to protect her granddaughter Margaery, Joffrey’s bride, from his cruelty and unpredictability.

Littlefinger’s power plays

For Littlefinger, the motive was power. By causing chaos, he sought to climb higher in the ever treacherous game of thrones.


Joffrey Baratheon’s murder was a pivotal moment in the saga of the Seven Kingdoms, setting off a chain of events that would change the course of Westeros’ history. As we peel back the layers of deception, the truth of who killed Joffrey becomes clear – a deadly conspiracy between Olenna Tyrell and Littlefinger.


  1. Did Joffrey deserve to die?
    • While Joffrey was a cruel and despised character, the question of whether he deserved his fate is a subjective one.
  2. How did Olenna and Littlefinger manage to poison Joffrey?
    • Olenna Tyrell poisoned Joffrey’s wine during the feast, a plot hatched with Littlefinger.
  3. Did Tyrion and Sansa have any part in Joffrey’s murder?
    • No, Tyrion and Sansa were innocent and framed for the murder.
  4. Why was Joffrey’s death called the Purple Wedding?
    • Joffrey’s death was referred to as the Purple Wedding because of the color his face turned upon being poisoned.
  5. Did Olenna Tyrell and Littlefinger face any consequences for their actions?
    • While they were not immediately punished for their actions, both characters faced consequences later in the series.
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