why did meek mill go to prison

Why Did Meek Mill Go To Prison?


Have you ever wondered about the story behind Meek Mill’s incarceration? Why did this acclaimed rapper spend time behind bars? In this article, we’ll delve into Meek Mill’s journey, from his rise to fame to his controversial prison sentence and his subsequent advocacy for justice reform.

Who is Meek Mill?

Meek Mill, born Robert Rihmeek Williams, is a renowned American rapper and songwriter hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Known for his gritty lyrics and unique flow, Meek has made a significant mark on the hip-hop scene.

Meek Mill’s Early Life and Rise to Fame

Early Years and Family Background

Meek was born on May 6, 1987, into a life of poverty and struggle. Raised by his mother after his father’s tragic death, Meek was introduced to the harsh realities of life at a young age.

Start in Music and Breakthrough

Using music as an escape, Meek started rapping as a teenager. His breakthrough came when he released his mixtape “Flamers 2” which caught the attention of rapper T.I. This was the beginning of his journey to stardom.

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Legal Troubles Begin

Initial Arrests and Charges

Meek’s legal troubles began in 2007 when he was arrested on drug dealing and gun possession charges. He was sentenced to prison and subsequently released on parole.

Probation Sentence

Following his release, Meek was placed on probation. However, various incidents led to multiple probation violations over the years, resulting in frequent court appearances.

Meek Mill’s Prison Sentence

Probation Violations

The crux of Meek’s prison sentence stemmed from these probation violations. Despite his rising fame, he found himself entangled in a legal web that culminated in a two-to-four-year prison sentence in 2017.

Controversial Sentencing

The sentencing was met with widespread criticism, with many calling it overly harsh. Advocates and legal experts pointed to systemic issues in the justice system that disproportionately affect people of color.

Public Response to Meek Mill’s Imprisonment

The #FreeMeek Movement

Following Meek’s imprisonment, the #FreeMeek movement gained momentum. Supporters rallied, protesting his imprisonment and demanding criminal justice reform.

Celebrity Reactions and Support

Numerous celebrities, including Jay-Z and Michael Rubin, also voiced their support for Meek, further bringing attention to his case and the broader issues surrounding the criminal justice system.

Meek Mill’s Release from Prison

Overturned Conviction

In 2018, following a series of appeals, Meek’s original conviction was overturned due to credibility concerns about his arresting officer. This was a significant win, not just for Meek, but for all who had been rallying for his release.

Impact and Aftermath

Upon his release, Meek took on the role of an advocate for criminal justice reform. His case served as a stark reminder of the systemic issues that persist within our justice system.

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Meek Mill’s Advocacy for Justice Reform

After his release, Meek co-founded the REFORM Alliance with Jay-Z and Michael Rubin. The organization aims to advance criminal justice reform and eliminate outdated laws that perpetuate injustice.


So, why did Meek Mill go to prison? His journey from rising rap star to prison inmate was marked by a series of probation violations and a controversial sentencing. His case, however, has sparked a wider conversation about the need for criminal justice reform, turning Meek Mill into a symbol of resilience and advocacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What was Meek Mill charged with?
    • Meek Mill was initially charged with drug dealing and gun possession.
  2. Why was Meek Mill’s sentencing considered controversial?
    • His sentencing was seen as overly harsh for probation violations, sparking debate about systemic issues in the justice system.
  3. What is the #FreeMeek movement?
    • The #FreeMeek movement was a public outcry for Meek Mill’s release from prison and a call for criminal justice reform.
  4. What is the REFORM Alliance?
    • The REFORM Alliance is an organization co-founded by Meek Mill that aims to advance criminal justice reform.
  5. What happened to Meek Mill after his release from prison?
    • After his release, Meek Mill became a vocal advocate for justice reform, using his platform to highlight systemic issues within the justice system.

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