why did ricardo medina jr go to prison

Why Did Ricardo Medina Jr. Go to Prison?

Who is Ricardo Medina Jr.

Early Life and Career

Ricardo Medina Jr., born on July 6, 1977, is an American actor best known for his role as Cole Evans, the Red Wild Force Ranger, on the television series “Power Rangers Wild Force.” Medina started his acting career in the early 2000s with minor appearances in TV shows and commercials before landing his breakthrough role.

Power Rangers: The Role That Defined Him

In 2002, Medina joined the Power Rangers franchise, quickly becoming a fan favorite. His portrayal of the Red Wild Force Ranger brought him significant recognition and a dedicated fanbase. After “Power Rangers Wild Force,” he continued to appear in various TV shows and reprised his role as a Power Ranger in “Power Rangers Samurai.”

The Crime

The Incident

On January 31, 2015, Ricardo Medina Jr. was involved in a fatal altercation at his Green Valley, California home. The incident began as a heated argument between Medina and his roommate, Joshua Sutter. The dispute escalated, and Medina, feeling threatened, retreated to his bedroom with his girlfriend. Sutter forcefully entered the room, and Medina, in self-defense, fatally stabbed Sutter with a sword he kept in his room.

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The Victim: Joshua Sutter

Joshua Sutter, the 36-year-old victim, was Medina’s roommate and friend. Sutter, who had a tumultuous relationship with Medina, tragically lost his life in the altercation. His family sought justice for his untimely death.

The Legal Process

Arrest and Initial Charge

Following the incident, Medina was arrested and initially charged with murder. However, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office decided not to file charges immediately, pending further investigation. Medina was released from custody, and the case remained open.

Court Hearings and Plea Deal

In March 2017, after a thorough investigation, Medina was arrested again and charged with voluntary manslaughter. He entered a plea of “no contest” as part of a plea deal. By doing so, he avoided a potential life sentence but admitted responsibility for Sutter’s death.

Sentencing and Time Served

In March 2017, Medina was sentenced to six years in state prison. He began serving his sentence shortly after the verdict. Throughout the legal process, Medina maintained that his actions were in self-defense and expressed remorse for the tragic outcome.

The Aftermath

Personal Impact on Medina

The crime and subsequent legal proceedings had a profound impact on Medina’s life and career. Once a beloved actor in the Power Rangers community, he now faced a tarnished reputation and the challenge of rebuilding his life.

Impact on the Power Rangers Community

The incident sent shockwaves through the Power Rangers community. Fans of the franchise struggled to reconcile Medina’s image as a hero on screen with his actions in real life.

Support and Criticism

Some fans voiced their support for Medina, believing in his claims of self-defense. Others criticized him, viewing his actions as overly violent and unnecessary. Regardless of the varied opinions, the incident sparked a conversation about personal responsibility and accountability.

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Lessons Learned

Medina’s case served as a stark reminder of the human flaws and mistakes that can be masked by celebrity status. It underlined the importance of understanding the difference between on-screen personas and the actors behind them.


Ricardo Medina Jr.’s journey from Power Rangers fame to a prison cell is a tale marked by tragedy and a stark departure from his on-screen persona. The consequences of his actions serve as a sobering reminder of the gravity of personal responsibility and the far-reaching impacts of our actions. As we reflect on Medina’s story, it’s essential to remember that the people behind our beloved characters are as human and fallible as the rest of us.


1. Why did Ricardo Medina Jr. go to prison?

  • Medina went to prison for voluntary manslaughter. He fatally stabbed his roommate, Joshua Sutter, during a heated argument in 2015.

2. How long was Ricardo Medina Jr.’s sentence?

  • Medina was sentenced to six years in state prison in 2017.

3. How has the Power Rangers community reacted to Medina’s conviction?

  • The Power Rangers community had mixed reactions. Some fans supported Medina, while others criticized him. The incident sparked a broader conversation about personal responsibility and accountability.

4. Did Ricardo Medina Jr. admit guilt for his actions?

  • Medina pled “no contest” to voluntary manslaughter charges, effectively admitting responsibility for Sutter’s death.

5. What was the relationship between Ricardo Medina Jr. and Joshua Sutter?

  • Joshua Sutter was Medina’s roommate and friend. Their relationship was reportedly tumultuous, leading up to the fatal altercation in 2015.
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