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Exploring Central Virginia Correctional Unit: A Glimpse into Rehabilitation and Incarceration


In the heart of Chesterfield, Virginia, lies the Central Virginia Correctional Unit, a female field unit that has played a vital role in the state’s criminal justice system since its establishment in 1971. This facility has seen significant transformations over the years, evolving into a space where rehabilitation, community service, and personal growth converge. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Central Virginia Correctional Unit, shedding light on its purpose, programs, and impact.

A History of Purpose

Central Virginia Correctional Unit was established with a clear mission: to provide a controlled and rehabilitative environment for female offenders. Over the years, it has continually strived to fulfill this mission while adapting to changing societal norms and evolving correctional practices.

Inmate Population and Costs

At present, Central Virginia Correctional Unit houses approximately 268 female offenders. Maintaining a facility of this nature comes at a cost, with each inmate requiring an annual expenditure of about $21,607. This investment aims to ensure the safety of both the inmates and the community while offering a path towards rehabilitation and reintegration.

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Custody Classification

Central Virginia Correctional Unit operates as a minimum to medium-custody facility. This means that it caters to inmates who pose varying levels of risk to society. The classification system allows the facility to manage a diverse inmate population effectively.

Work Programs

One of the notable aspects of Central Virginia Correctional Unit is its commitment to providing work programs to eligible inmates. Inmates can join work crews that engage in various community service activities. These crews not only help the local community but also offer inmates an opportunity to acquire job skills and a sense of purpose during their incarceration.

Rehabilitation Initiatives

Recognizing the importance of addressing the root causes of criminal behavior, Central Virginia Correctional Unit offers a range of rehabilitation initiatives. These include substance abuse treatment programs, culinary arts classes, and individual and group therapy sessions. By addressing the underlying issues that contribute to criminal behavior, the facility aims to equip inmates with the tools they need for a successful reintegration into society.

Virginia Correctional Enterprise Program

In line with the broader efforts of the state, Central Virginia Correctional Unit actively participates in the Virginia Correctional Enterprise program. This initiative involves employing inmates in warehouses and print shops, providing them with valuable work experience and skills training. Through such programs, inmates can gain a sense of responsibility and self-worth, which are crucial for their successful reentry into society.

Eligibility and Criteria

It’s important to note that not all female offenders are eligible for placement at Central Virginia Correctional Unit. To be considered, an offender must meet specific criteria, including:

  1. Criminal History: No conviction for murder, kidnapping/abduction, or sex offenses.
  2. Disciplinary Record: No disciplinary infractions for the past two years.
  3. Escape History: Zero history of escape attempts.
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Meeting these criteria ensures that the facility can maintain a safe and conducive environment for both inmates and staff.

Visiting Central Virginia Correctional Unit

For loved ones and friends wishing to visit inmates at Central Virginia Correctional Unit, it’s essential to understand the visiting schedule. Visits occur on a rotating basis, typically on Saturdays and Sundays. However, due to the rotating schedule, it is advisable to contact the facility directly for the most up-to-date information on visitation hours.

Facility Details

For those seeking to contact Central Virginia Correctional Unit or send mail to inmates, here are the essential details:

Physical Address: Central Virginia Correctional Unit 6900 Courthouse Road Chesterfield, VA 23832

Telephone: (804)-796-4277

Inmate Mailing Address: Inmate Name, ID Number Central Virginia Correctional Unit 6900 Courthouse Road Chesterfield, VA 23832


Central Virginia Correctional Unit serves as a testament to the evolving landscape of the criminal justice system. It’s more than just a facility; it’s a place where rehabilitation and personal growth take center stage. By offering programs, support, and a structured environment, it seeks to transform the lives of the female offenders in its care.

As we navigate the complexities of rehabilitation and incarceration, it’s crucial to remember that Central Virginia Correctional Unit plays a vital role in the journey toward redemption and reintegration.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can male offenders be housed at Central Virginia Correctional Unit?

No, Central Virginia Correctional Unit is specifically designated for female offenders.

2. How can I schedule a visit to Central Virginia Correctional Unit?

Visitation schedules at the facility rotate, so it’s best to contact Central Virginia Correctional Unit directly for the most current information on visiting hours.

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3. Are there educational programs available for inmates?

Yes, Central Virginia Correctional Unit offers various educational programs, including culinary arts classes, as part of its rehabilitation initiatives.

4. What is the goal of the Virginia Correctional Enterprise program?

The Virginia Correctional Enterprise program aims to provide inmates with job skills and work experience to enhance their employability upon release.

5. Can inmates receive medical care at Central Virginia Correctional Unit?

Yes, the facility provides necessary medical care and services to inmates to ensure their well-being during incarceration.

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